Built to adapt. Again, and again.

From day one, we imagined a more adaptable enterprise management cloud. And then we built it. Designed for constant change, the Global IT Solutions technology platform puts the power to adapt in your hands.

WHAT SETS Global IT Solutions APART

How we deliver adaptability.

True cloud architecture.

Global IT Solutions is built with a true cloud architecture that allows us to scale and deliver innovation to everybody at once.

Intelligent data core.

Our intelligent data core combines external data with Global IT Solutions data so you can gain real-time insights and become a decision-ready organization.

Configurable frameworks.
Easily configurable frameworks enable self-service throughout the business, so changes can be made without IT ever rewriting code.
Business-optimized developer environment.

Our platform is built to be open, extensible, and interoperable so customers can easily connect to other best-of-breed solutions and build new applications.

Personalized, omni-channel experience.

GITS works wherever your employees do, delivering a personalized experience across devices and within collaboration tools such as Microsoft® Teams and Slack.

Embedded AI and ML.

GITS embeds AI and ML into the very core of our platform, enabling our applications to natively leverage in workflows and user experience to deliver true business adaptability.


Meet every security and data privacy need.

To run a business, you need to be ready for the next security vulnerability. You also need to meet global and regional regulatory requirements. With Global IT Solutions, you can rest assured you’re checking every box when it comes to security and trust.


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