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At Global IT Solutions, we take a 360° approach to our projects. A successful digital experience requires the seamless integration of multiple elements, which is why our agency offers an array of services, from interface design to custom photography to digital marketing.

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Our Web Design and Development Process

1. Discovery and Ideation

Before diving into design and development, Simpalm works with clients in coalition to ensure that we have understood and captured all the requirements. During this phase we perform requirement analysis , foresee any challenges, document them all together and share with clients so that we all are on the same page. The Outcomes of this phase are FRD and milestones of the project.

2. Design

Simpalm’s expert designers refer to the document from the former phase and produce modern and exquisite designs using advanced designing tools like Figma and Balsamiq. Designs are capable enough to deliver the ideas of how the actual website or web App is gonna look like, not only look and feel but it also let us be apprised of the user flow. This phase is crucial because despite not delivering the actual functionality it gives all the sense of the website and thus enabling clients to suggest any changes they would like to have in a way lower cost than it would have cost in the development stage. The outcomes of this phase are wireframes and visual designs.

3. Develop

This phase involves planning and execution of the project. Project managers at Simpalm create project plans and designates the team for the web development. Developers start working on the sprint solely focused on the set milestones. We take a short pause at the end of each sprint release so that clients can evaluate delivered functionalities and any suggested changes can be taken care of; before we embark on the next sprint.

4. Test and Launch

Simpalm has an expert team of QAs who employ best tools and techniques to ensure the web App robustness and performance as expected by our clients. Though we perform testing at the end of each sprint release; nevertheless we ask clients to do a user acceptance testing so that nothing flies under the radar. Once affirmed from the client’s end we deploy the web App on the production server.

5. Support and Enhancement

Now when the website / Web App is live ; it’s the client’s digital realm. However, most of the clients use our cost effective support and maintenance service to maintain the youthfulness of the Web App/ Website and to make any updates down the road.

We Nourish Your Website; Our Clients Love It

Global IT Solutions is among the top web development companies in Dhaka and London. The beauty of a website, designed and developed by Global IT Solutions, draws in prospective customers. The engaging content of a Global IT Solutions-created website encourages prospects to learn more. We build high-end, responsive web design in Dhaka & London that looks perfect on all device form-factors – laptops, phones, and tablets. Our unique digital products elevate your brand while also providing high-quality, maintainable code. We know that your customers and prospects will demand more content. Therefore, extensibility is a key Simpalm design consideration so that you can extend and enhance your website without a costly redesign. Global IT Solution’s secret sauce is its confluence of business acumen, design expertise, and technical mastery. We achieve stellar results by listening closely to our customers, building functional, beautiful designs, and choosing the most suitable tools and technologies for the tasks at hand.

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