Value inclusion, belonging, and equity.™

Our approach to diversity is simple: it’s about embracing everyone. From cultivating a culture where all employees can bring their best selves to work to deploying diversity initiatives that support all, we’re doing what it takes to build a more equitable workplace and world.

Diversity isn’t just a business imperative. It’s core to everything we do.

Our commitment to building a more equitable world shines through in our everyday practices. We hire and develop a diverse workforce, cultivate our employee-first culture, shape corporate policies, and invest in underrepresented communities around the world. And we’re just getting started.
How we’re creating a workplace for all:

We’re building a broader connection to the world.

We believe that belonging happens when we connect with our communities. Through our Employee Belonging Councils (EBCs)—employee alliances focused on engaging with underrepresented communities—we’re doing just that.

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