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Align your team and optimise your processes to guarantee the tailored fit, seamless delivery, continued support and long-term success of your enterprise software.


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Implement the right software solution for your enterprise

Are you looking for a solution to streamline your human capital or resource-management operations while optimising business processes? Our experts will analyse your organisation, operations and data to help you define exactly the right enterprise solution for your needs. Whether it’s ERP, CRM or other enterprise tools, we’ll help you choose the best fit from the current market, offer custom enterprise software development or create a completely bespoke solution tailored to your unique requirements and goals.

Align your teams and enable seamless cooperation

Effective collaboration and alignment between teams ensures that your enterprise is able to deliver agility, operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitable business growth. We’ll work with you to implement robust enterprise systems that help you manage your data, resources, human capital and business processes to establish alignment at every level of your organisation, right across your value chain.

Create a scalable system for future growth

Global IT Solutions has decades of experience helping clients evolve their business through scalable software solutions that yield future growth, support geo-diverse site locations and enhance efficiency. Our enterprise software development expertise will help you align your business processes and goals and give you the right tools to support your organisation’s seamless and sustainable growth.

Optimise your business processes

Effective enterprise business processes are the key to enabling flexibility, efficiency and agility. Working alongside an expert enterprise application development company, you’ll be able to analyse your current operational ecosystem, identify process-improvement opportunities and build an actionable implementation roadmap. You can also rely on our enterprise software development experts to provision and set up the tools and platforms needed to support your process efficiency goals.

Lower your IT operation’s costs

With Global IT Solutions Digital’s enterprise application development services, you can build an effective IT cost-optimisation strategy that covers your company’s current and future needs. We’ll analyse your core IT infrastructure and legacy enterprise software, then propose new tools, migration opportunities and optimisation scenarios that produce a more robust IT ecosystem – one that’s easier and more cost-effective to maintain.

What We Do

GITS enterprise application development services

CRM consulting and implementation

Without optimising your CRM system set up, digitalising your enterprise’s commercial processes won’t be easy. So, we’ll help you find the ideal CRM solution to fit your organisation’s unique needs.

With Global IT Solutions Digital’s expert CRM consulting services, you’ll be able to implement the best-known and most reliable systems – SAP, MS Dynamics, and Salesforce – while leaning on 30 years of IT experience to ensure seamless integrations, enhancements and open-code solutions.

ERP consulting and implementation

An ERP system is the backbone of any business’s digital transformation. It integrates core operational processes such as finance, HR, manufacturing, supply chain and more into a single, simple system with assured security and data quality.

Global IT Solutions Digital provides personalised consulting and guidance on how to implement an ERP solution, with training and support to help you get the most out of the technology.

What We Do

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What you get with GITS

A team of certified experts

Our team is fully industry certified, including SAP Certificates covering different functional areas. What’s more, Global IT Solutions Digital is an SAP, Microsoft, Odoo and Salesforce partner. When you work with us, you know you’re getting the best enterprise tools on the market to meet your niche business requirements, with seamless integration provided by an expert team.

Diverse technology expertise

We offer a depth and breadth of experience in data science, data analytics, product design and full-cycle custom application development. Our team’s skillset covers data compliance, enterprise application security and regulatory requirements relevant to different enterprise strategies. Plus, when needed, we can bring in additional expertise to ensure that your project’s scope and requirements are fully supported.

Extensive cross-industry experience

For more than three decades, we’ve helped clients in diverse domains – from finance and insurance to logistics, retail, healthcare and energy – benefit from complex custom enterprise software solutions and seamless integrations. And we build our solutions in line with all industry-specific requirements standards to guarantee that they’re rock solid.

A tried-and-trusted enterprise software development company

With Global IT Solutions Digital, you can be confident that you’re getting the best enterprise solution on the market, with the option for system customisations and continued expert support. We offer a long-term partnership encompassing end-to-end tech services that include consulting, development, security and support. Our commitment gives you confidence in your enterprise project’s success.


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