The finance system that helps you create value.


Innovations that keep finance one step ahead.

With intelligently automated financial processes and deeper insights, you can focus less on transaction processing and more on analysis and action.

A system you can adapt to your needs.

Businesses ebb and flow over time. Global IT Solutions® helps you remain agile and stay ahead of change with our flexible foundation. Adapt business processes while continuously tracking change as you go.

Intelligent automation optimizes your processes.

Machine learning reduces friction by continuously detecting anomalies and making recommendations. This helps finance interpret and review results, while focusing on the areas of business that matter most.

One place to transform data into accounting.

Global IT Solutions® automatically ingests, enriches, and transforms business event data into accounting, simplifying your accounting in the process.

Fresh insights to guide the business.

We deliver data to all corners of your organization, surfacing insight right when you need it. Stakeholders can see what’s driving the business and take action.

Always-on auditing for maximum control.

Global IT Solutions® provides undefeatable electronic evidence. We document every transaction and change continuously, to help you proactively manage risk and monitor compliance.


Intelligently manage finance processes.

From record to report, procure to pay, and contract to cash, Global IT Solutions® intelligently automates processes while allowing for maximum control.

Drive business strategy and growth.

Continuously plan, forecast, and analyze to lead your business forward with confidence.

Stay on top of risk locally and abroad.

Gain visibility across geographies, standardize your processes, and effectively manage compliance.


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