Application re‑engineering

Reimagine your core legacy systems with technological innovation that boosts performance, agility, scalability and UX.


We Will Help You

Create a superior UX

We’ll help you create application interfaces that promote usability, boost consumer engagement and provide a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving marketplace. We can update your technology stack and re-design your applications for improved functionality and polished visuals.

Become more scalable and flexible

Our cloud migration services improve the scalability, security and flexibility of your current software solutions, so you can adapt to the ever-changing modern business environment – unhindered by the technical constraints of old legacy systems.

Optimise applications faster

Our nearshore team of software experts will setup CI/CD processes, saving significant time and effort – without the need to implement a freeze that results in downtime and lost revenue.

Improve app maintainability

We’ll help you implement a SaaS delivery model that makes application changes simpler, incorporates the benefits of the Cloud and facilitates easier maintenance – reducing costs compared with on-site hosting.

Pre-empt performance issues

We’ll help you solve performance issues and take strategic steps to prevent them from ever recurring, with re-engineering services that update your existing architecture and/or technology stack.

What We Do

We get to know your unique business proposition, before scoping the project requirements, timeline and budget. So we can deliver the best re-engineering response to fit your needs.

Requirements and scoping

We’ll get to know your business inside out, so we can define which application improvements will boost efficiency and performance. Whether it’s designing a more usable interface, helping you automate operations or moving services to the cloud.

Application re-engineering

Once we’ve scoped your requirements, budget and timeline, our team of software engineers will design and test robust application re-engineering solutions with your current legacy setup. We’ll only make updates and adjustments that really add value.

Launch and support

Our engineers deploy, configure, and launch your re-engineered solution to your environment: on-premise, via the Cloud, or through Android/iOS app store for Mobile apps. You’ll benefit from Global IT Solutions L2/L3 Support services, reducing your maintenance costs and letting you focus your team on BAU.


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